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What are GlowPals made of?

GlowPals are made from a soft and safe material called silicone.

Are GlowPals safe for kids?

Yes! GlowPals are made a safe and non-toxic material called silicone that is both durable and odorless.

What is the battery-life of GlowPals?

All of our GlowPals have a battery-life of at least 4hrs.

How do I recharge my GlowPal?

Using the USB-C charging cable included in our product.

How long does it take to recharge my GlowPal?

GlowPals take up to 2.5 hours to fully recharge.

Is there a timer setting on GlowPals?

Yes! GlowPals come with 15 or 30 minute timer settings.

Can I change the brightness of my GlowPal?

Yes! GlowPals have adjustable brightness levels.

Can I change the colour of my GlowPal?

Yes, but not all GlowPals come with different colour settings.

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